Urgent Recruitment for Fruit Pickers in Canada

The demand for fruit pickers in the country continues to soar high in the country. It’s the perfect opportunity for immigrants from all over the globe in search of greener pastures to work in Canada.

Job Description

Fruit pickers otherwise known as fruit harvesters are individuals that works in a farm setting to handle the picking and harvesting of row and orchard crops. They regularly inspect the fruits and vegetables for ripeness and ensure the proper and safe harvesting of fruits and veggies

Post Name Fruit Pickers
Industry Private and Public
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $14.90 to $15.29 Hourly
Location Canada
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Job Duties and Responsibilities

As a fruit picker in Canada, you’ll along with others in the proper and effective picking and harvesting of farm produce, examination and inspection of fruits and veggies for ripeness, proper sorting and packing of harvested fruits. You’ll also be required to convey harvested fruits and veggies to conveyors and ensure the proper and effective storage of harvested fruits and veggies. You’ll also need to effective take charge of the proper caring and maintenance of tools and machine used in performing each tasks accordingly.

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Job Skills and Requirements

Fruit pickers are expected to have a good hand eye coordination skills, capable of working in varying weather conditions, able to thrive in a fast-paced environment, strong and energetic, capable of multi-tasking effectively, reliable and trustworthy, effective time management skills, and good communication skills.

Salary and Benefits

The average Salary for fruit picker jobs in Canada is around $29,824 per year or $16.32 per hour. Other benefits enjoyed by fruit picker include but not limited to; Accommodation [optional], medical insurance, paid leave, and flexible work schedule

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